Rudy’s Royal Flush At American Poker

The man who played the best poker hands in New York, in the dust at Ground Zero, was undoubtedly Mayor Rudy Guiliani. With George Bush up in the air aboard Air Force One, the New York mayor was directing the battle plan.

He’s no stranger to controversy or hard work. As mayor, he stood for justice, fair play, and honesty in politics.

When he was prosecuting attorney, Guiliani secured over 4,000 convictions, and put away five top mafia bosses. By being resolute and courageous in court, he soon had the mafia crying behind bars.

He was always ready to tackle anything that required a tough approach. Now, just before his term in office ends, he’s the new hero of New York.

Guiliani introduced the term “zero tolerance” for petty street crimes, succeeded in removing guns from the streets, and made the city a lot safer.

To juggle the competing interests of New York’s millions, you definitely have to be something of a poker player.

Before he entered politics, Mayor Guiliani dreamed of becoming CEO for a major corporation. The way he ran things, you could depend on the company he worked for reaching the top.

If he’s looking for another job, he has all the right skills to make the grade as CEO at American Poker

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On second thoughts, even if Mayor Guiliani became the Company’s new CEO, there’s not much left to improve. You can’t get better than the best, and nothing beats a Royal Flush.

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